Our history builds our future

It is on Saint Lucia day 1963 that Bill Lindwall and Rolf Lundström co-create Restaurang Rouletter. Soon their company will take over half of the Swedish casino and slot game market.


Our story begins

It is on Saint Lucia day that Bill Lindwall and Rolf Lundström co-create Restaurang Rouletter. They become pioneers in their industry and in 1968 the company is merged with industry colleagues Per Hamberg’s and Lars Kling’s company.


In 1972, Cherry was launched as the name with the well-known cherries as the logo. In a short time, the company takes over half of the Swedish casino and slot game market.


Expansion to restaurants

Through Provobis, the business outlook is broadened to further markets. A restaurant business is started with, among other restaurants, Stadshuskällaren and Solliden at Skansen in Stockholm and Rådhuskällaren and Amaranten in Malmö. Clock hamburger chain is also part of the group and Provobis has a franchise agreement with American Pizza Hut.

Provobis Hotels

After years of successful expansions in the casino and slot game market as well as the restaurant industry, Provobis opens the door to the hotel industry in the 1990s. Provobis Hotels is listed on the stock exchange and, at most, consists of 18 centrally located hotels in Sweden’s major cities. Among the hotels were Hotel Europa in Gothenburg, Sergel Plaza in Stockholm and Hotel Kramer in Malmö. During this time, Provobis also acquires the restaurant chain Harrys.


During the 2000s, Scandic acquires Provobis Hotell och Restauranger. Provobis acquires Göteborgs auktionsverk and AB för pantbelåning i Göteborg from the city of Gothenburg, which has owned the companies since 1621. For a number of years during the 2000s, the Lundström family together with the Knutsson family and Douglas Roos run the company Sponsio Norden, which represented Ladbrokes in the Nordic region. Provobis invests in Svolder, Feelgood and Collector. Netent and Rasta Group are listed on the stock exchange.

Wakakuu is founded by Anna-Maria Lundström Törnblom and Maria Tollemark. Collector is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. HNA acquires Rezidor. Provobis and RCL are anchor investors when Scandic, Stillfront and Embracer are listed. Provobis participates in Stampen's rescue issue.


Provobis Family Office

Provobis Family Office is formed. Evolution Gaming acquires Netent, Terveystalo acquires Feelgood and Social Eatertainment group acquires Harrys. RCL becomes part owner of Cherry Spelglädje and acquires the pawnshop chains Sefina pantbank and Helsingin pantti. Provobis participates as an anchor investor when Embellence and Thunderful are listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Provobis today

Today, Provobis Holding together with AM Brands and RCL Holding is part of Provobis Family Office and we have interests and ownership in a number of different industries.